Lash Care

To get the most wears out of your lashes you have to care for them. Love on your lashes so you can take full advantage of their possible longevity. Proper care is required so that you can get up to 30 wears out of one pair of lashes. Each order will also contain a Love Your Lash Card with specific details on how to Love your Lashes. Below we have provided you with helpful tips for keeping your lashes looking flawless!

Being gentle is key! Handle your lashes with care and they will go a long way for you. When you’re removing, be as gentle as possible. To help loosen the glue, try using a cotton swab with water or oil-free makeup remover to dab over the band before removing the lashes.

Keep them free of any excess products. No Mascara! Mascara will ruin the quality of the mink lashes. Try to apply mascara on your natural lashes only if needed before applying your Beauty4beginners Lashes.

Keep Them Clean Once you’ve removed your lashes for the day, make sure to remove any glue from the lashes (peel the glue off by hand or GENTLY with tweezers), take a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol, and swipe the rim to remove bacteria.

Never Soak Them Do not soak your mink lashes in water or any other liquid. Soaking them will ruin the curl, shape, and style of the lash.

Storage Store your lashes in the original packaging that was provided to prevent it from collecting dust and bacteria. Also, storing them like this will ensure that your lashes stay clean and retain their shape.